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Summer Activities

From early spring, when the last snow melts until early October when the first new snow of winter may fall, wonderful trips can be taken from the cabins by foot or on bikes.

One of our favourites is through the beautiful Obri Hollow, along the flanks of Snezka (the highest mountain in the Czech Republic), past the remains of Obri Cabin, Lucni Cabin, and back to Blue Hollow.

On bike trips around Blue Hollow, bikers will truly appreciate why their bikes are called ‘mountain’ bikes.

In Pec pod, Snezkou, there are tennis courts and a pool, as well as facilities for bowling and ricochet. Mountain bikes and other sporting goods are available for hire or purchase. Blue Hollow is an ideal base from which to take day trips around the area.

Our tip for a short outing: Blue Hollow >> Richterovy Cabin >> Vyrovka >> Blue Hollow / 4 km / roughly 3 hours

Our tip for a longer (less than 10 km) outing: Blue Hollow >> (Obri Dul) >> Pec pod Snezkou >> Hnedy Vrch chair-lift >> Lisci Hora >> Bufet na rozcesti >> Vyrovka >> Richterovy Cabin >> Blue Hollow

Our tip for a mountain-bike outing: Blue Hollow >> Richterovy Cabin >> Vyrovka >> Bufet na rozcesti >> Prazska Cabin >> Pec pod Snezkou >> Blue Hollow