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TJ Spofa Praha

We are a sport club focused on outdoor activities and ski instruction for children and adults.
Our mountain base is in the Blue Hollow in the Krkonose Mountains.

Blue Hollow
Blue Hollow (Modry Dul) is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Krkonose Mountains, this part is one of the most highly protected areas in the Krkonose National Park. Its distinct shape was formed during the ice age by the large glaciers, which covered the Krkonose region.
Blue Creek, which tumbles over several falls as it runs through the middle of Blue Hollow, merges lower in the valley with Upa Creek, which itself rises in neighbouring Obri Dul.

In spring, on the slopes of Studnicni Mountain (1554m) above Blue Hollow, a unique feature develops as the last remaining snow cover usually melts into a shape that is roughly the same as the outline of the former country of Czechoslovakia. Studnicni Mountain and Snezka (the highest peak in the Czech Republic at 1602 m) both dominate the skyline of Blue Hollow.